Terra Firma Massage Exclusive Wellness Program Memberships

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our Exclusive Annual Memberships offerings for 2018


For your monthly dose of “me time” to rest, relax and reset, choose the TFM Bliss Annual Membership which includes:

  • one discounted Signature Integrative massage session per month (Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm)
  • one enhanced session annually
  • one 30 minute bonus annually (add to your session or give as a gift certificate)
  • preferential scheduling
    • reserve your favorite appointment times up to 3 months in advance
    • 24/7 online booking
  • flexibility
    • sessions structured to fit your needs
      • typical sessions have 10 minutes built in for intake, outtake and changing
      • you let me know if/when you need to take longer to change, chat or update me on medical conditions
    • exchange your Signature Integrative session for
      • an in person or distance energy session
        • chakra balancing, Shamanic healing ceremony . . .
      • a coaching session or phone call


DIAMOND: one 90 minute session monthly

 $150/session or  $125/month

PLATINUM: one 75 minute session monthly

$130/session or $110/month

GOLD: one 60 minute session monthly

$110/session or $95/month

And for those months when you need a little extra care, inquire about upgrading to the TFM BLISS ELITE MEMBERSHIP 


A La Carte Massage sessions

  Click here for rates.